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Tad Farms Featured

For your variety of quality ,fresh,tasty and Organic meat products, Tad Farms Nigeria is your one stop go to and best choice.

We are into raising,processing and distribution of premium animal protein of the highest quality such as Mutton( Ram),Goat, Rabbit,Guinea fowl, Local chicken,Duck and Turkey.

All freshly slaughtered and smoked with the finest of herbs and spice to suit your preferred taste.

All our meats, once ordered are packaged with the best vacuum sealing technology after smoking to naturally preserve the meat, improve its shelf life, maintain its delicious taste and moisture without the use of additives or preservatives till it consumption.

This is the love we, at Tad farms put in and are dedicated to because your health as our customer is very paramount to us.

All our smoked meat products are fully cooked/smoked which means they can be consumed without further cooking or just added straight to stews and soups for awesomeness.

Our processed meats provide you that convenience and reduces time in further cooking meat at home. Best deal is when consumed with friends over chilled drinks from a stressed day. Hmmm!!!the taste,this is a promise and certainly, you will keep coming back 😋😁.
We deliver nationwide (with additional delivery fees)
Visit our website www.tadfarms.ng or connect with us via our social media platforms.