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Friday, 22 June 2018

Meet Ben India Garba, Jechiras' Hope

The challenges facing Benue state and its people, especially the Jechiras appear daunting and insurmountable, the long decades of poor governance, uninspiring leadership and negligence from the political class it taking its toil on its constituents. The people of Vandeikya and Konshisha have been faced with problems ranging from high rate of unemployment, poor health care facilities and utmost lack of infrastructure to drive the economic activities in the region. In recent years, the Jechira constituents have been at the mercy of the underwhelming performance and inefficient delivery by those representing them at various levels of Government. There is no better time to have a proactive solution to these myriads of problems than 2019 and the man to provide the legislative framework is no other than Bem India Garba. owing to his impressive track records in the private sector, experience and result oriented mindset, his impressive credentials and personal virtues are pointers to his ability to deliver if elected into the House of Reps to represent the Vandeikya/Konshisha contitutuency in 2019. Born into the family of Rtd. Major General Jonathan India Garba about four decades ago, Bem has lived his life serving humanity through charitable works to the helpless, providing mentorship for the younger ones, populist advocacies, building viable businesses and the overall development of human capital. Ben Garba had his formative years in various parts of Nigeria - Jos, Kaduna, Enugu and Makurdi where he completed his secondary school education. His early exposure as a teenager to different environments greatly influenced his cosmopolitan perception and worldview. He obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Economics from the Usman Dan Fodio University in 1999. His ambitious quest for further knowledge made him gain admission into the American Intercontinental University in London where he studied a number of Business courses. He also holds a certificate in Shipping Business from the Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, London. His work experience and professional credentials are enviable, he has over the years undergone an encouraging phase that has prepared him for the enormous leadership tasks ahead. After his youth service at the Federal Ministry of Justice in Abuja, Ben Garba established his first company Wavecom Nigeria Limited, an IT organization established to provide GSM support services to the leading operators at the time. Under his purposeful stewardship, with dint of hardwork, WNL became one of the first companies to become an authorized dealer pf Econet wireless in Nigeria. His involvement in politics stems from his commitment to youth development and education, job creation, poverty eradication, community development through empowerment and industrialization in Agriculture and care for the elderly. Ben Garba is determined to push for better health care, improved infrastructure, education and most importantly better security of lives and property among others.
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