Really, There's Nothing Wrong with Prof Osinbajo's New Restricted Roles

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         Following the recent announcement by the Presidency this week about Prof Yemi Osinbajo, the Nigerian social media space has been agog with insinuations that President Buhari is determined to clip the wings of his VP. These are some of the recent reactions to the development, 

Mr Mazino Obaro Ikhime has this to say ; 
We have always known that a Vice President is only as relevant as his principal, the President allows him to be. 
So why are we surprised that the President has officially asked that the Vice President get clearance or approval from him before he acts on matters pertaining to the Agencies under his control. It is all backed by the constitution. 
With the new Economic Team also reporting to the President directly, I am beginning to see the VP, as being increasingly ineffectual and isolated. If it were that the President was a cerebral, astute, critical thinking and profound person, we would have completely applauded this move. 
Alas, this is not the case. We all remember the much talked about and viewed d Presidential Interviews, prelude to the last Presidential elections. We saw as the VP propped up the Prez. The President, was totally out of depth and often sounded incoherent. How much has he grown himself since then? 
Well, it is all within the ambit of the law and there is nothing to say that things had not always happened like this behind the scenes. But because we have a leadership that has become so adept at enshrouding everything so needlessly, we can't but wonder whether some shadow parties are not at play here. 
Long Live Nigeria!

12 hrs ·  · …that they have completely stripped VP Osinbajo of every influence. What's next? Me: You're stripped of what you had in the first place. The 'Think Osinbajo, vote Buhari' was the biggest campaign delusion ever!
Osinbajo has lost the Economic Team, he has lost NEMA, NBC, NSIP (where he shares tradermoni), BCDA. What else is left for the former Pastor?

At this rate even tradermoni 10k Osinbajo no go see share. Some of us told them this day would come. They are on their own

It's quite interesting that VP Osinbajo still met with the Economic Mgt Team yesterday w/o any idea that the team will be dismantled. I think we've all gotten carried away with the quality of the Council that we missed the subtle political uppercut that Osinbajo just received

Seun Onigbinde's Bundle of Contradiction and The New Threat to BudgIT's Credibility

     The last few days have been a sort of Rollercoaster for one of Nigeria's top Data analyst and Co-founder of BugIT, Mr Seun Onigbinde. His appointment as a technical adviser to the ministry of Budget and National planning was met with vehement opposition by Nigerians, especially Buhari supporters who have been at the receiving end of his heavy criticisms in recent years.

       On Monday, Mr Onigbinde announced his resignation and has since resumed his work with BudgIT, the recent conversations on social media appeared to mean the Data man has lost some goodwill and this threatens the credibility of BudgIT, discussing the possible reasons for Mr Onigbinde's resignation,

Mr Suraj Tunji Oyewale had this to say
'Okay, some time to comment on the exit of Seun Onigbinde as TA in the Budget Ministry 
1. Even though it was a resignation, I don't think he would have survived it in any case
2. I started to know it would become difficult for him to survive it immediately I saw newspaper reports, on Friday or Saturday, of Buhari Media Organization (BMO), that self-appointed but admittedly powerful formal group of Buhari supporters, issuing a press release condemning the appointment. 
3. The initial outcry by many Buhari's social media supporters was cushioned by the many influencers, including those sympathetic to Buhari (eg Kayode Ogundamisi), who made a case for his appointment. It looked like he was going to survive it until BMO mainstreamed the social media noise against him with a formal press statement and possibly direct influence in people close to Aso Rock 
4. The heat from above must have reached his direct principal, the Minister of State for Budget, and Seun saw the handwriting.

Now that Mr Onigbinde has returned to his familiar terrain, these are some of the recent comments on BudgIT 
Ahmed Umar Why do I feel the appointment sef was a setup. Lol. Good luck getting people to trust budgit again

For over 2 yrs, BudgIT “dabbled” in partisan pol unabated. Seun tweeted from the org’s TL. No funding source would tolerate that, unless the org’s mission is political. What a revelation abt mrchacha9ja. Had my suspicions. Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck

Oluwasegunfunmi Akande
Another Possible Twist On Seun
The whole script was ready all along. APC only showed him small politics. Then, he deleted his posts. Sorry, deactivated his account! That is, he swallowed his own words. He said subtly that I did not mean all I had said against this government. 
I'm just wondering how destroyed BudgIT is. APC, in fact any future political party will remind him of how selfish he was. They will tell him to shut up saying his noise is an expression of the devastation that resulted from termination of a three-day employment.

Facts of the Seun Onigbinde's matter.
1. Seun lobbied for that job
2. Seun deactivated his Twitter account in loyalty to his new employer.
3. The BMO got to know who Seun was before the appointment because of the wide bashing he got on social media after he announced his appointment.
4. Internet never forgets. Children of anger took screenshots of his many posts while he was on the other side of the fence. They brought them all out.
5. Seun was found out by the BMO. He was not for APC. Hence, BMO asked he resigns or gets fired.
6. Seun resigned and again took to social media to announce, painting it a voluntary resignation and attempted to make it seem it was all in the spirit of being sensitive.

Serial Killers on the Prowl as Six Ladies Died in Similar Mysterious Circumstances in Portharcourt Hotels.

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The lifeless body of yet another lady has been found in hotel in Rumuola area of Port Harcourt, few days after another lady was found dead in another hotel in the Rivers State capital.
Though what led to the death of the yet-to-be identified lady is unknown, it was learnt that the police are at the lodging facility to open up an investigation into the murder incident.
The targeted killings of young girls in Rivers State, had led to a belief of a serial killer leading the attacks as “all his” victims have been found in similar scenes.
According to Anozie Ebirim who has followed these cases in recent days, here's his post on Facebook 
On August 1st, a young girl was killed in a hotel in Port Harcourt. She was strangled with the pillow sheet. A white cloth was used to tie up her leg too.
On August 11 another girl was killed in similar circumstances with clothes around her neck in a Lagos hotel room. The only difference here is traces of blood found in this instance. 
Finger prints aren't looked for.
I also think he is likely religious and is targeting those he thinks are sinners.
He is also likely copying another serial killer. Likely a foreign /western serial killer.
He'd strike again.... The more you kill the more feel invincible.
He'd strike again.

On August 5th, another young girl was killed in another hotel. This time in Owerri. She was tied up in similar manner. 
On August 18th, another girl was killed in PH. She was killed in exactly the same manner and tied up same way. The girl, who is apparently a sex worker was sported in the hotel she apparently uses. Her friends claimed that a man spotted her and told someone to call that "clean girl" for me. The girl later told them that she'd negotiated 10000 naira with the man and that the man has agreed to use her own room. They went up. That was the last she was seen. 
On September 5th another girl was murdered in PH. Same pattern. 
On September 13th, last Friday, another girl was discovered. Same pattern. 
Serial killer is on the prowl. 
In any other sane country this will be national headlines. 
But what is our police doing? We have no forensics team. 
I have a profile of a man between 30 and 40. Strong. Has some livelihood. Educated and somewhat smart. Internet savvy and probably seen a lot of CI. 
These are some of the trending tweets on the serial killer in port Harcourt 
A serial killer is killing women in certain hotels in port harcourt and just today another lady has been found dead, this is not getting enough media attention something needs to be done as soon as possible
Another girl has been found dead in a hotel in Port Harcourt. A serial killer is on the loose, preying on young women and making away with it. Nothing is being done. The police believe the girls deserve it because they’re “prostitutes.” Women are never allowed to win.